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Article from THE GUARDIAN.

Badgers culled despite two studies casting doubt on TB link, say vets  Click HERE to read.

EU fine the UK  in excess of 3.5 million euros for failing to make progress in eradicating bTB


That seems a significant fine but when you realise that the grants provided to the UK by the EU over the past few years amount to many hundreds of millions of euros, it seems like a drop in a very large ocean of cash.   

A degree in mathematics might help to understand the fine detail but it looks like there’s been a monumental waste of money which someone needs to explain. 

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Interview with the Vet, Dick Sibley, about his research project on bovine TB


In an interview with an Irish journalist, Dick Sibley explains the project he devised and managed on a large cattle farm in Devon to identify and eradicate the cause of persistent bTB breakdowns over the previous 10 years resulting in him eventually achieving TB free status.

It’s a fascinating chronicle of his thought processes, how they were applied to the problem and how  the entire country could be dealt with in the same way.

To enjoy and be educated click the link.





The Save Me Trust challenges Secretary of State, George Eustace to explain the extension of badger culling


After the Government announcement earlier in the year, that badger culling was to be phased out and now the recent licensing of 11 new cull areas, The Save Me Trust, fronted by Brian May and Anne Brummer, supported by Chris Packham, is seeking a Public Enquiry into Badger Culling along with a full audit of the amount of tax payers money being spent on what is a very dubious policy.

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A Government Petition set up by Wild Justice, supported by The Badger Trust, calling for an immediate end to the shooting of badgers.


Wild Justice is an organisation involving Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay and, supported by The Badger Trust, they have created a Government Petition calling for the immediate ban of shooting badgers and the petition must have 100,000 signatures if it is to be considered for debate in Parliament.

The petition at the moment (30th September 2020) contains almost 48,000 signatures and it will run until 24th March 2021which sadly will do nothing to save the many thousands of badgers that will die during the next few months.

There is more than enough time to secure the remaining signatures if the petition is circulated to as many family, friends and associates who share our joint concerns for the protection and welfare of badgers.

The link will provide more details about the background to the petition with a link at the end to open the petition.


If you wish to access the petition directly, the link is:-