Cull comes to Shropshire

Shropshire now joins the list of counties afflicted with a badger cull as the Tory government rolls out its policy to more counties.
Following the high court’s rejection on 15th August of a challenge by wildlife campaigner Tom Langton to the legality of the government’s badger cull policies, culling will be extended on an open-ended basis. Mr Justice Cranston ruled that licences to allow culling to continue in particular areas beyond a four-year period are legal.

Lawyers for Langton argued that government guidance issued last year to expand the existing cull to new areas in England and allow “supplementary culling” in established cull zones was a “significant departure” from the government’s previous policy. They also argued that a consultation carried out before its introduction was flawed and the culling licences issued by the government’s conservation watchdog, Natural England, were unlawful.

Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, warned that the verdict gave the environment secretary, Michael Gove, “the green light to push the badger to the verge of local extinction in many parts of England”, the Guardian reported. He added: “By ruling in the high court that supplementary cull licences are lawful, farmers and landowners across England will now be able to kill badgers on an open-ended basis with little training and no effective independent scrutiny.”

Dyer said the ruling could result in more than 100,000 badgers being killed by 2020.

In the high court, Cranston added: “A policy of maintaining a reduced badger population through supplementary culling cannot be said to be irrational when coupled with the commitment to change tack as evidence became available.”

If you want to know how you can help to protect our badgers here in Shropshire from the cull that will start any day now, you can find more information from several Facebook groups:
Shropshire Badger Group, Shropshire Against the Cull and Wounded Badger Patrol Shropshire. People can help in many different ways, depending how much time you have. If you are not on Facebook, you can find out more about wounded badger patrols in different areas here: