Advice to Public


Our advice or assistance is usually needed because badgers are causing a problem or are in difficulty or danger.

Badger Problems

Provide us with details of the problem using 'Contact Us' and complete the Contact Form, including a telephone number.

Badgers in Difficulty or Danger

If you find a sick or injured badger, and particularly an animal found wandering during daylight hours, you should take steps to get help for it, but do not attempt to pick up an adult yourself – a frightened badger in pain may well bite, and has very powerful jaws and sharp claws. Call the Badger Group helpline (Badgerline) on 01743 271999 or Cuan Wildlife, which provides the Badger Group’s rehab facilities in Shropshire, on 01952 728070 or your nearest vet for advice. If you find an apparently orphaned cub, the best advice may be to leave well alone, as it could be found by its parents; BUT always ring the Badgerline or Cuan Wildlife for advice on what to do in the particular circumstances.

If you find a sett that has been dug, disturbed or otherwise interfered with, please report this to the police on 101, as well as the Badgerline, and ask that the report is passed to a Wildlife Liaison Officer.

Interfering with a badger sett or injuring or killing a badger, are all criminal offences so if you see anything suspicious, especially at night in rural areas, such as men with dogs and spades, you should report this immediately to the Police using the 999 system.

Note and record as much detail as possible providing you can do so safely. The most important information is a Vehicle Registration Number followed by the make and colour of the vehicle, together with descriptions of people and dogs.  Photographs are ideal but NEVER PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER.  These people are violent so your safety is paramount.  

We are fortunate in Shropshire in having a very proactive team of Police Wildlife Crime Liaison Officers who are determined to stamp out wildlife crime by arresting and prosecuting all those involved, including those committing badger related offences. However the person answering your call may not always be aware of the significance of your report so provide as much detail as possible, including the proximity of any known badger setts, and insist that you receive an Incident or Crime Reference  Number.  The Wildlife Liaison Officers,  PC Simon Northcott, and PC Dave Harte, also carry out general police duties so it is most unlikely that you will be able to speak to them direct but ask that your report is passed to them so that they can instigate any further enquiries that might be appropriate or necessary.